'Curating New Normals'


Working with Daniel Charny was super interesting. Other than showing us his methodology when curating projects, he talked about some of the challenges we need to face to diversify design. As well as how through a set of exercises and collaborating with others, we can come up with different exhibitions that encompass the projects under a "Narrative" umbrella.

Some of the steps advised for curating an exhibition:

  1. Title of the exhibition, needs to be evocative
  2. A key question a the subtitle to introduce the theme
  3. Order of subthemes/clusters, how two organize the target areas inside an exhibition
  4. Define main audience
  5. Key image
  6. Venue / Platform, where is it going to be?

Presentation screenshots:

As time passed, we started identifying common patterns. Daniel asked us to think about the "New Normal" our project proposed. For me, this was the hardest part, even though I knew my objective is to tackle accessibility in design and build a system that can be used to a broader set of users. I had a hard time defining in a sentence what "The new normal" had to be. By now, Daniel asked us to do a series of exercises to help us determine our new normals. First, by identifying the areas (media, community, civic, business, academia, industry, government, etc.) where the project landed. What assets inside each area we need to focus on, and name them correctly. After this, the influencing factors (needs identified) to finally describe our new normal.

Aside from writing a sentence that defined the new normal, we also had to analyze and describe the "Who, Where, When, Who not, and how" of the project. To finally, explain the consequences that the project might have in addition to the precedents (reference projects) and implications (things to be considered).

This is what I came up with:

After defining our new normals, we split the group according to the interests of our projects into 5 groups: Intranatura, Redefining Relationships, Crafting Education, Dissolving Realities (where I'm at) and Metamorphize. We called our last exhibition - "Augmentations - Building a sense of reality in the digital and physical worlds".

Curating our final presentation.